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Your Trusted Source for High-Quality Aftermarket and Genuine Outboard Motor Parts and Skilful Marine Mechanics Advice in Australia.

Extensive Aftermarket Parts

The Boat Bloke boasts an unparalleled inventory of over 5,000 aftermarket spare parts for eight leading outboard motor brands.

Skillful Marine Mechanic Advice

One standout feature is our online consultations with experienced Marine Mechanics. Book a session and get skillful advice tailored to your boat's needs.

User-Friendly Online Store

The Boat Bloke's online store is designed with simplicity in mind. Use our intuitive part finder, create an account for easy order tracking, and explore our customer reviews to make informed decisions.

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Meet The Boat Bloke Team

At The Boat Bloke, our story revolves around a passion for boating and a commitment to helping boat enthusiasts and DIY owners navigate the world of outboard motor repairs with ease. Founded by a dedicated Marine Mechanic specialist, John, with over 45 years of experience, The Boat Bloke is more than just an online store; it’s a hub of expertise and resources. Now, with a dedicated team, we’re on a mission to make boating enjoyable for everyone. Join us as we simplify the process of boat motor maintenance and provide you with the tools and guidance needed to get back on the water hassle-free.


Marine Mechanical Experience

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At The Boat Bloke, we’re your trusted partners in advice about marine engine maintenance and repair. Our experienced Marine Mechanics are just a click away. Whether it’s routine service or troubleshooting, scheduling an appointment with us means expert care for your outboard motor. Say goodbye to high costs and hello to hassle-free solutions. Let’s get your boat engine shipshape for your next adventure. Book your consultation appointment today!