Racor Style Filter


Replaces: VPS3213, 35-809097
Mercury Mariner Yamaha

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Fuel Filter The Boat Bloke

Fuel Filters: Elevating Outboard Motor Performance

Maintaining the peak performance of your outboard boat motor hinges on an often underestimated yet vital component – the fuel filter. This unassuming but essential part diligently operates behind the scenes, ensuring your engine runs smoothly and efficiently, ultimately safeguarding its longevity.

Serving as the guardian of your engine’s heart, the primary role of a fuel filter is to filter and purify the fuel that flows into your engine. It meticulously screens every drop, diligently removing contaminants, debris, and impurities that could otherwise wreak havoc on your engine’s delicate components. In simpler terms, the fuel filter acts as a protective barrier, preserving your motor’s health and extending its life.

At The Boat Bloke, we understand the pivotal role a reliable fuel filter plays in maintaining your outboard motor’s peak performance. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a comprehensive selection of fuel filters, designed to seamlessly fit a variety of outboard boat motor models. Our commitment to quality and reliability shines through in our filters, all sourced from top brands renowned for their excellence in marine filtration.

Why should you choose fuel filters from The Boat Bloke? Firstly, we offer a diverse range of fuel filters that cover a wide spectrum of outboard boat motor models. This ensures that you can effortlessly find the perfect filter that perfectly matches your engine’s unique requirements.

Secondly, our emphasis on quality and reliability is evident in our selection of filters. We prioritize your engine’s performance by sourcing filters only from reputable brands within the marine industry. This means your investment in a fuel filter directly translates to enhanced engine performance and longevity.

Thirdly, the impact on engine health and longevity cannot be overstated. By preventing harmful contaminants from reaching your engine’s critical components, our fuel filters play a pivotal role in extending the life and health of your outboard motor.

Moreover, our filters are designed for effortless maintenance. Their ease of replacement and upkeep guarantees that your boating experience remains trouble-free and enjoyable. In summary, fuel filters are the unsung heroes of your outboard boat motor, discreetly safeguarding its health and longevity. Choose The Boat Bloke for top-quality fuel filters that effectively protect the heart of your engine.


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